If you buy only one book on yoga, make it "The Little Yoga Book" by Erika Dillman. It is simple, approachable and you can benefit right away. If you're not the least bit interested in pursuing yoga in depth, that is fine. This book is very simple with wonderful stretches, coupled with deep breathing, that can really benefit all of us from a cardiovascular and physical stand point. Many of us experience neck, shoulder, arm and back tension from repetitive stress and demands of the instrument. The positions, or "asanas" will help work out the kinks, increase lung capacity and concentration and make you feel better overall. After doing a couple of long tours, I found Yoga to be a useful tool in counteracting bad hotel beds, sleeping on buses and erratic eating and sleeping schedules. It has become an important part of my life as it allows me to monitor and improve my body and mind. I highly recommend it for everyone of any age.



    There are many, many branches of Yoga and many schools of each branch. It ends up becoming a very individualized thing when all is said and done. For practical purposes, the branch of Yoga referred to here is "Hatha".